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What’s all this about then?

Hey guys! My name’s Jonathan Storey and I write about Film and TV for the London School of Economics newspaper: The Beaver. Essentially this blog is a continuation of the rants and reviews that I do. I’m a law student (but don’t hold that against me), want to be either a corporate lawyer (or THAT against me) or a writer.

Having had a blog when I was in Sixth Form –  mainly revolving around food, neuroses and getting people to read my blog – the idea of setting one up again never really entered into my mind. However, all the people at The Beaver seem to have one tucked away and all, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea!

Expect reviews and analyses of films and TV programmes I’ve watched, as well as comments on the audiovisual news-sphere. Unfortunately, I don’t watch a lot of British television, so most of the TV programmes I’ll be reviewing will be American (and acquired through surreptitious means…)

Happy reading, everyone!

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